My 8 personal tricks to improve productivity

30 March 2013 – 10:15

I consider myself a creative person (yeehaa!). That means thinking in lots of different stuff during the day and also getting easily distracted :-(

That’s why I have my small list of tricks and techniques to be extremely focused in specific tasks. Basically they try to accomplish two different things:

  1. Get motivated
  2. Be focused

That can be grouped into a single objective: Hack yourself!

So if you are trying to be motivated:

  • First of all, think about what are you going to do and why – that is the only way to really get motivated, having a reason to do the task.
  • Start with a to-do list: I love crossing out every task I do, so I feel I’m progressing.
  • Look for your ‘carrot and stick’: is a good idea having some kind of reward if you finish all your stuff (but remember to be fair!)

And trying to be focused is when stuff starts getting interesting:

  • Music: you are more than welcome to listen music; is a great way to run away from the world and get into our distraction-free environment. But my only advice is that you should listen to music you have listened a lot before. That way you will settle yourself in a well-known place, and music will sit in the background, instead of being in front of you.
  • Turn off your phone — this is a no-brainer! or at least disable notifications.
  • Music is not your cup of tea? Try different kinds of noise — for example white noise is great to get concentrated.
  • Noise is so hardcore? lets have some nature sounds to get the hell out of here! naturesoundsforme is a free webtool to get some cool thunderstorms, rain and other nature stuff.
  • Feeling lonely? get yourself into a comfy coffee with and enjoy some real people background noise :-D

That’s some of the tools I have in my bat-tool belt to do to get some shit done. Cheers!

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