Ignacio Palomo-Duarte

Product Manager

Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm Ignacio, one of those Product Managers with a Computer Science BsC — that allows me to have a deeper and holistic view of the whole project I'm involved with. I really enjoy projects where continuous integration and delivery are at the core of the team, because that allows very quick iterations with the full cycle of release, measure and learn.

Currently working as Head of Product Management at Genially, I've been working for or in projects with Spotahome, Thoughtworks, The Cooperative, Unicef, eDreams, United Nations, McDonalds, Cruz Roja Española or Asociación Española de Pediatría. I love dealing with complex products and projects, lean and agile methodologies, strategy, processes and workflows, user experience, research and discovery/kick offs.

Ignacio working on the ThoughtWorks brand and messaging revamp


Product Manager in a SaaS startup in the interactive content creation industry. Read more

Head of UX in a Real Estate marketplace application, leading the User Experience department. Read more

Kick off, research, analysis, design and product management of a Property Management Software in-house startup

Brand, research, User Experience and frontend development for a side project startup. Read more

Senior consultant working in responsive and mobile-first transactional website redesign. Read more

Senior consultant for corporate website development, responsive mobile–first retail website, branding, messaging and marketing strategy or frontend consultant. Read more

Graphic designer and frontend developer in more than 30 different projects from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 7 — theming, content types, module development, ecommerce websites, customizing external themes. Read more

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Latest blog entries

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