So long, and thanks for all the fish

20 February 2020 – 11:01

Every journey comes to an end.

After more than five years working for Spotahome, now it’s time to look for the next gig.

I wanted to wait a bit to write about this, because I really needed to slow down and reflect about my time in the company, and I must say working with Spotahome has been such an amazing journey – I’m so grateful to this huge opportunity to progress as a professional:

  • I’ve helped the company grow from a headcount of 30 to more than 300 employees, from an angel round of €225K to a $40M Series-B round and from the most move fast and break things to achieving the best quality in our processes.
  • I had the possibility to play tons of different roles: frontend developer, graphic designer, Head of User Experience, UI designer, project manager, agile and lean advocate, researcher, product designer…
  • I’ve organised and facilitated more workshops than I can remember 😅
  • Designed hundreds of screens, features, UI components, flows, prototypes, copys, emails, landings…
  • But the most important bit: I’ve had the opportunity to work and build a friendship with a mind-blowing bunch of wonderful and talented people. Every day I’ve been able to learn from them, laugh, have fun and build the best real estate marketplace, and that’s something I will take with me forever.

I’m so lucky to have made some great friends in this adventure.

A collage of photos of tons of post-its, UI designs and great friends I've made at Spotahome A collage of photos of tons of post-its, UI designs and great friends I've made at Spotahome

And what’s next? Well, I will take some time off to enjoy the first steps of this little cutie, try a couple of pet projects that I have in mind and think about what I’d like to do in the future. It’s going to be fun, you bet it.

Thank you all, and see you soon.

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