Finding my place in the world

05 October 2019 – 19:21

A month ago I took one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever taken in a while: taking a step back as Head of UX (managing ~8 designers) to individual contributor, and I cannot be more happy.

Remember that moving to a management role is not the only way to grow in your career path. Not everyone likes it, and that’s ok.

Find what makes you happy, and do it.

PS: I don’t regret my time as Head of UX at all! I’ve learnt so much about hirings, team structure, performance reviews, mentoring, stakeholder management, feedback… and that will be super helpful in the future. But I just realised it’s not my cup of tea.

PS2: and thanks to my team and CPO for making my time as Head as easy as possible 😊 you guys rock!

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